5 Military Technologies to Keep Your Eye On in 2019

Some of the world’s greatest technology are been born out of investments from the U.S. military. Some of these more well known military technologies include global positioning systems (GPS), Microwaves, digital cameras, and even duct tape.

The defense budget increase for 2019 is set to kick-start important research and development projects for the creation of innovative military technologies. In fact, the Department of Defense (DOD) earmarked more than $54 billion for the research and development of mission-critical equipment and supplies.

With the newly developed technologies, the hope is that the military can effectively achieve its objectives while remaining safe from harm. Here are five military technologies popping up in 2019:

Repair Depot Drones

The repair depots used by the U.S. Marine Corp and Army are in desperate need of an overhaul – and drones might just be the answer. The drones would help to inventory and track vital components to improve efficiency and accuracy across many different military installations. With the right programming, the drones could even run unmanned to free up personnel for other important projects.

Powerful Laser Gear

The development of laser technology for military use has the power to change tactical approaches and weaponry. The Laser-Induced Plasma Effect, for example, produces noises that sound eerily like talking voices up to 19 miles away from the origination point. This technology could be used as a non-lethal weapon for dispersing crowds and better managing checkpoints. Laser weapons, such as the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks used by the US Army, have the potential to decrease the costs and risks associated with current missile defense technologies.

Ultra-lightweight Body Armor

The body armor currently in use by the US Army is highly effective but weighs just over 31 pounds. In an effort to decrease armor weight while improving its effectiveness, the Torso and Extremity Protection system (TEP) came to life. This system not only weighs just 23 pounds but also offers extra security and has cooling elements built into it. The innovative ballistic combat shirt that goes under the body armor adds an extra layer of protection without the bulk.

Bulletproof, Weaponized Suits

The military plans to take TEP to the next level with the development of full bulletproof, weaponized suits. The Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit works like a complete exoskeleton with liquid armor that protects from flying bullets and shrapnel. The suit will also have health monitoring and communication equipment built into its design for improved communication and safety.

Portable Bullet-Resistant Wall

For mobile protection from bullets and other dangerous projectiles, the military has a portable bullet-resistant wall in the works. This wall starts off as a small canister that military personnel can carry on their belts. When faced with danger, the canister can be deployed to create a bullet-resistant wall to act as immediate cover. When deployed together, the wall can create a makeshift base or building for improved safety during challenging situations.

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These five innovative military technologies hold great promise in increasing both efficiency and safety in the completion of precise objectives. Military and security professionals can acquire the mission-critical equipment they need with help from our team at RRDS.

Troy Barnes is the CEO or RRDS, a California-based government defense contractor.

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