Our Services

RRDSRapid Response Defense Systems is a leader in managing complex logistics, training and infrastructure deployment in austere and remote locations. In any successful mission, the end to end management of systems and equipment is key. RRDS specializes in providing highly skilled professional trainers , veteran instructors and experienced leaders in intelligence operations, operational field support, information technology and tactical communications. We support all governmental agencies and their affiliates to optimize utilization of deployed equipment and resources, augmented by strong in-country logistics expertise.

Full Suite Logistic Services

RRDS offers a full suite of logistics services, to make sure all mission critical equipment reaches its intended destination regardless of the conditions on ground. We provide global logistics solutions, utilizing ground, sea or air routes based on the local geo-political conditions. We specialize in in-country logistics expertise to ensure any special handling or cross-border support, including modern warehousing storage solutions providing the highest levels of security and protection. We mold our CONOPs to your mission objectives.

We Can Help.

Our job is to listen intently to your unique needs, and we customize products, logistics, and training that will exceed your expectations.

Training Modules

We support a variety of programs, providing training services and solutions. We offer pre-developed modules or are able to design a customized program to meet your needs.

• Optical Gear Training
• IT
• Tactical Communications
• Monitoring Systems
• Site exploitation
• Anti-Theft and anti-terrorism operations
• Shoot house training
• Flight simulation training
• Counter insurgence
• Network and tactical gear
• Satellite operations
• Installation of modular housing units, disaster relief shelter and facilities
• Integration and installation of IFC (information fusion centers)
• Installation of parameter control and perimeter surveillance systems
• Deployment of sensitive UGS (unattended ground sensors) using covert operations methods
• Industry-leading Upset Recognition and Recovery Training (URRT) across fixed-wing (Jet, turboprop, light aircraft) and rotor-wing platforms (fully-articulated, teetering, rigid)
• FAA 145-certified repairs of civilian and military fixed-wing and rotorcraft.
• Development of custom-tailored flight test programs with highly qualified flight test engineers, pilots, and maintenance technicians.
• FAA-approved certification of aircraft systems, weapons systems, and avionics systems