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To control the battlespace, you must dominate the dataspace. RRDS offers a wide range of Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance systems; from a simple refresh to the integration of cutting-edge new technology, we have a solution for you. Having successfully supplied Tactical electronic warfare solutions to field-deployable unit communications and encrypted theater-level data transmission systems, RRDS has the expertise to help you leverage C4ISR to cut through the fog of warfare and increase the probability of mission success.

RRDS works directly with end user units and organizations to evaluate mission parameters and existing systems in order to determine how new or additional C4ISR can be integrated into existing infrastructure. Additionally, we have extensive experience in working closely alongside various end users to ensure that new systems are installed properly and that individuals are thoroughly trained on effective operation to maximize value to the customer.

“Engage your brain before you engage your weapon.”
Gen. James Mattis

  1. Command Control, Communications, and Intelligence
    • Electronic warfare devices
    • Signal and communications jammers
    • Communications interception systems
    • Radio directional finding and geolocation systems
    • Integrated RADAR and LIDAR systems
    • Rapidly deployable real-time encrypted cellular networks
    • Portable VSAT solutions
  2. Surveillance and Sensors
    • Unattended ground sensors
    • Long range EO/IR cameras and sensors
    • Fixed and mobile integrated multi-sensor systems
    • Fixed and mobile automated vehicle scanners
    • Portable biometric identification solutions
    • Unmanned aerial surveillance systems
  3. Tactical Communication Networks and Equipment
    • Long range HF communications networks
    • Land mobile radio systems
    • Backward-compatible communications integration solutions
    • Standards-based (P25/TETRA/etc.) radio equipment
    • Deployable interoperability gateways
    • Ruggedized real-time encrypted cellular solutions
    • Ultra-portable high-power antennas and masts
  4. Training Devices and Modules
    • On-site operator and maintenance training
    • Embedded in-country technical expertise
    • Worldwide hands-on field training
    • 24/7 technical support  
  5. Information Technology and Consumer Electronics
    • Commercial and consumer grade computing devices
    • Rugged mobility IT solutions
    • OEM software imaging and installation
    • Desktops, workstations, thin clients
    • Services, storage, and networking solutions
    • Custom application development
    • Cloud services and converged infrastructure
    • Data analytics
    • Endpoint cybersecurity

Every mission is different, and your gear should reflect that. RRDS can customize kits of any size or specialty, to ensure that you are equipped with the tools you need to accomplish your objective. Whether it is an individual load or an agency-wide distribution, RRDS is able to consolidate and package items in a way that minimizes load and unload time in the field.

We have the capability to design custom boxes, bags, cases and containers of various types and materials. From tri-wall cardboard boxes to backpacks made of Dyneema DSM ultra-lightweight fibers to explosion-proof cases, RRDS can help you streamline your loadout to ensure maximum efficiency in the field.

“If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
Maj. Gen. George S. Patton

  1. Mission Support Tool Kits
    • Basic field repair kits
    • EOD hook & line kits
    • Technician and electrician tool kits
    • Spare parts and consumables packages
  2. Aviation Support Tool Kits
    • General aviation mechanics tool kits
    • Diagnostic equipment packages
    • Flightline test sets
  3. Marine and Vehicle Maintenance Kits
    • Emergency vehicle survival kits
    • Armored vehicle maintenance kits
    • Emergency marine survival kits
    • Maritime repair kits
  4. Shooters Kit
    • Pre-packaged loadout kits
    • Mission-ready configurations
    • Individual deployment bags
    • Active shooter response kits
  5. Mission Specific
    • EOD bomb disposal kits
    • Tactical entry and breaching kits
    • Custom night operation loadouts
  6. SOTV Kits
    • Tactical surveillance kits
    • Covert mobile reconnaissance systems
    • Low-light surveillance kits
    • Long-range surveillance kits

For those in the field, every item in their loadout matters. From cold weather parkas to hot weather boots, RRDS has the knowledge and expertise to get mission-critical equipment into the hands of those who need it most. Regardless of the theater, RRDS has worked with countless individuals, units, and agencies to develop unique recommendations for operational equipment and individual gear from the ground up.

Whatever the mission dictates, our primary objective is always to a decisive advantage to the operators in the field. We take pride in our ability to work closely with individual end users to learn about their operational needs and leverage our existing partnerships with industry to propose cutting-edge equipment solutions. RRDS proudly distributes operational equipment and individual gear manufactured by veteran-owned and LEO-owned businesses, because we believe those who have served before best know the needs of those who serve now.

“No good decision was ever made in a swivel chair.”
Maj. Gen. George S. Patton

    1. Clothing and Accessories
      • Combat and duty uniforms
      • Flame-resistant uniforms and apparel
      • Cold-weather clothing systems
      • Lightweight and moisture-wicking apparel
      • High-performance duty footwear
    2. Tactical Gear
      • Concealable and duty holsters
      • Ruggedized transport cases
      • Chemlights and flashlights
      • Individual survival and navigation equipment
    3. Personal Protective Equipment
      • Lightweight bump and ballistic helmets
      • Concealable and tactical body armor
      • Lightweight rifle plates
      • Fully enclosed chemical suits and SCBA systems
      • Tactical gas masks
      • EOD suits
    4. Outdoor and Survival Equipment
      • Lightweight tents and sleeping bags
      • Handheld navigation equipment
      • Satellite phones and personal locator beacons
      • Emergency survival kits
      • Field rations and MREs

When the golden hour starts ticking under the worst possible circumstances, having the correct training and equipment on hand often means the difference between life and death. That is why lifesaving EMS and TCCC equipment should never be an afterthought. RRDS can help ensure that individuals, squads, agencies and organizations have the training, equipment and resources in place every step of the way to ensure that casualties sustained in the field are treated quickly and properly.

Our subject matter experts will work with you to determine what medical supplies and infrastructure are necessary to keep you in the fight. Whether the mission requires individual first aid kits for hazardous day-to-day duties in urban environments, to fully-equipped field hospitals for long-term deployments in austere combat conditions, or rapid large-scale emergency response simulations, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you prepare and respond on a moment’s notice.

“To get the best out of your men, they must feel that you are their real leader and must know that they can depend upon you.”
Gen. John J. Pershing

    1. Military/ Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue Medical Kits
      • TCCC and EMS kits
      • Individual and squad first aid kits
      • Mass casualty response kits
      • Low-profile emergency first aid kids
      • Tactical surgical kits
    2. Medical Modules
      • Deployable surgical centers and field hospitals
      • Mobile medical clinics
      • Portable decontamination chambers
      • First responder training modules
    3. Medical Devices and Apparatus
      • Portable X-ray systems
      • Tactical immobilization devices
      • Ruggedized field surgery equipment
    4. Supplies
      • Tourniquets and hemostatic clotting agents
      • Bandages and gauze
      • Nasopharyngeal airways and chest seals
      • Tactical saline delivery systems
      • Tactical evacuation litters

While military doctrine and combat tactics have come a long way since the early 20th century, the fundamental theme has not. When words fail, and men of action are called upon to find a resolution, RRDS can help ensure that those who place themselves in harm’s way have the weapons systems and training they need to accurately engage and defeat the enemy.

In addition to conventional arms, RRDS also has extensive expertise in providing less-than-lethal munitions, force-on-force training exercises, thermal, digital and night vision enhanced optics and scopes to upgrade your mission capabilities and cutting-edge virtual reality threat simulation systems to ensure that every individual is confidently trained and properly equipped not only in the use of their weapon but also in the use of deadly force if and when necessary.

“It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, more vengeance, more desolation. War is hell.”
Major General William T. Sherman

    1. Thermal, Night Vision and Digital Devices
      • Thermal/night vision weapons sights and goggles
      • Clip-on optical attachments
      • Night vision DSLR camera adapters
    2. Weapon Accessories, Ammunition (Lethal and Less-Lethal)
      • Holographic and red dot sights
      • Weapon mounted targeting systems
      • Training and duty ammunition
      • Force-on-force training ammunition
      • Beanbags and Pepperball munitions
    3. Weapon Components
      • Suppressors and magazines
      • Free-float rail attachments
      • Performance triggers, slides, stocks, slings, grips, etc.

We understand that in today’s increasingly complex world, each set of mission parameters are unique. RRDS can outfit your team with the essential equipment through the life cycle of the mission. We work with industry partners to supply tactical and non-tactical armored vehicles, aircraft-components, vehicle sustainment, expeditionary machinery and more.

Our team of highly trained field service representatives and technicians are strategically deployed around the world so that we can rapidly respond and address your mission-specific needs. We have the ability and expertise to expeditiously evaluate each requirement and work closely with end users to develop an operational course of action from the ground up.

“If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission properly.”
Colonel David Hackworth

    1. Vehicles and Parts
      • Worldwide delivery of consumer and commercial vehicles
      • Tactical 4×4 and 6×6 logistical and recovery vehicles
      • Upfitted patrol and duty vehicles
      • High-sulfur diesel engine modifications
      • Customized spare parts and maintenance packages
      • Worldwide warranty and service solutions
    2. Armored Vehicles and Sustainment Packages
      • Certified bullet and blast resistant armored vehicles
      • Custom configurations (C&C, Medivac, Recovery, etc.)
      • Tactical upfit packages available (EO/IR sensors, integrated C4ISR, etc.)
      • Up-armored consumer passenger vehicles
      • Pre-packaged armor upfitting kits
      • Worldwide warranty and service solutions
    3. Boats and Parts
      • Patrol and transport watercraft
      • Rigid-hulled inflatable boats
      • Small unit riverine boats
      • Multi-mission interception watercraft
      • Tactical upfit packages available (EO/IR sensors, integrated C4ISR, etc.)
      • Customized spare parts and maintenance packages
      • Worldwide warranty and service solutions
    4. Aircraft and Parts
      • Fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft
      • Instrumentation and avionics systems
      • Range of C4ISR payload options
      • Unmanned aerial vehicle systems
      • Worldwide warranty and service solutions
    5. Heavy Machinery
      • Tractors and backhoes
      • Mobile and stationary cranes
      • Bulldozers, compactors, dump trucks
      • Heavy-duty logistics transport vehicles
    6. EOD and IED
      • Inert training replicas and demonstration equipment
      • Blasting caps and firing wire
      • Custom EOD and demolition kits
      • Disrupter cannons
      • Custom demining kits
      • Counter Remote Controlled IED Electronic Warfare systems
    7. Non-Intrusive Inspection and CBRNE Detection Systems
      • X-Ray and gamma-ray imaging systems
      • Covert vehicle identification solutions
      • Portable CRRNE threat notification systems
      • Handheld chemical and narcotics identification devices
      • Deployable multi-threat trace detection devices
      • Mobile narcotics identification devices
    8. Power Generation Systems
      • Portable trailer-mounted gas and diesel generators
      • Fixed infrastructure generators
      • Solar and wind-powered generator solutions
      • Portable and fixed uninterruptible power supplies
      • Emergency backup power solutions
    9. Trailers
      • Custom boat and fuel trailers
      • Enclosed trailers with interior equipment compartments
      • Mobile tool and maintenance trailers
      • Fully-equipped emergency response and command & control trailers
      • Mobile kitchen trailers
      • Trailer-mounted mobile guard shacks
    10. Shelter Systems
      • Rapidly deployable expeditionary camp shelters
      • Hard walled and soft walled mobile shelters
      • Emergency response and field medical shelter systems
      • Integrated HVAC, electrical, and plumbing solutions
      • Humanitarian and disaster relief shelters

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