RRDS Awarded Multi-Million Dollar DoD Contract by The Army Corps of Engineers

IRVINE, Calif.Nov. 30, 2016, /PRNewswire/ — RRDS, Inc., the Southern California based defense contractor, was awarded a 10 million dollar FFP contract to supply bullet resistant panels to various military recruiting stations, nationwide.

Under this contract RRDS will manufacture, ship/deliver, and provide warranty and installation services for the supply of bullet resistant panels (UL-Level 8 or above) to approximately 900 facilities throughout the United States and its territories. These tasks will be completed, while meeting the standards of safety, durability, dimensions, design, ergonomics, and structural adequacy of the existing cubicle panels. The estimated completion date of this contract is 10 months from date of award.

“RRDS has an extensive and proven record in supplying bullet resistant panels to various recruiting facilities throughout the United States,” said Samir Naqvi, RRDS President and Head of Supply Chain. “We are eager to bring this program to a successful conclusion, to ensure the safety and security of our men and women in service.” 

Troy Barnes, CEO of RRDS stated, “We are honored to be selected for this critical program; there are several moving parts involved with its execution, and our team is well equipped to maneuver these based on our mission-specific expertise.”    

About RRDS, Inc. 

RRDS, Inc. is a proud and trusted supplier for the US Government and its various agencies. RRDS offers a broad line of products and services, coupled with full-suite logistical solutions. To ensure all mission critical equipment reaches its intended destination, RRDS uses the most secure modes of transportation. We specialize in cradle to grave Supply Chain Management with an expertise in identifying the right product based on your mission requirements. Utilizing complex PMO systems, we offer an end to end solution for all our customers; to include Procurement, Warehousing, QA/QC, Packaging/Labeling, International or Domestic Shipping, Customs Clearance, Inland-Transportation and Delivery Assurance. RRDS is focused on your mission. To learn more, please visit www.rrds.com

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