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RRDS has the capability to support any and all aviation related requirements. We understand the urgency of being able to provide the best components for mission-critical aviation operations that will perform under extreme circumstances.

• Instrumentation and Avionics Systems (EO, IR, NVD, GPS, EFIS, MFD)
• Fixed Wing/Rotorcraft Airframes
• Engine/Piston/Turbine Maintenance and Repair
• Instrumentation and Avionics Systems (EO, IR, NVD, GPS, EFIS, MFD)
• AGM/AAM Systems
• FMS (Foreign Military Sales)
• Ground Vehicles Navigation/Guidance
• Precision Weapons Radar/Communications
• Shipboard
• Legacy Platforms

Available value-added services and solutions.
• Climate-controlled Aircraft Storage/Preservation
• Expeditionary Repairs / AOG Field Modifications
• Inspections and Maintenance (Annual, 100HR, RVSM, IFR, VFR, etc.)
• Navigation/Control Systems Calibration
• Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
• Rapid Prototyping/Development and First Article Approval
• Proactive Obsolescence Management
• Material Validation and Certification
• Life Cycle Support (SB/AD Compliance)
• Full-Service Testing Capabilities/Counterfeit Detection
• Airworthiness approval
• DLA Tailored Logistics Support
• Reverse Engineering
• Custom Packaging
• Active Inventory Management
• Sourcing and Procurement

RRDS has the capability and expertise to develop custom-tailored defensive solutions to protect facilities and personnel in high threat-level environments. Our team of experienced engineers and subject matter experts will work with you to provide a protective solution designed with your unique requirements in mind.

• Bullet-resistant panels (Fixed or mobile)
• Bullet-resistant guard towers (Fixed or mobile)
• Bullet-resistant guard booths (Fixed or mobile)
• Mobile ballistic shields
• Access Control/Perimeter defenses
• Up-Armoring/Retrofitting
• Blast-proofing

Available value-added services and solutions.
• Pre-installed HVAC
• Pre-installed generator/battery
• Site surveys
• First Article Testing/Sample evaluation
• Rapid prototyping and deployment
• CONUS and OCONUS delivery and installation services
• Interior lighting and electrical wiring (low-light options available)
• Meets or exceeds any applicable UL/NIJ/ASTM standards

In any mission-critical operation, communication is key. RRDS specializes in providing the best communication systems and accessories to support any government or affiliated entity in need of covert equipment in information technology, radar and satellite, and tactical surveillance.

• Acoustic Hailing
• Amplifiers
• Antennas
• Batteries & Power Supplies
• Bio Metrics
• C2 Equipment
• Cellular Capabilities & Platforms
• Custom Cables
• Fiber Optics
• Headsets
• ISR Equipment & Sensors
• Power Management & Supply
• Radios & Accessories
• Repeaters
• SATCOM Equipment
• Sensors & Surveillance
• Translation
• UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)

RRDS delivers turn-key integrated solutions for the government, military and public safety operations world-wide. RRDS supplies communication solutions to include VOIP, Land Mobile Radio, Mobile Computing, Mobile Broadband Networks, Fire Station Alerting, 911 Systems, Deployable Solutions, Physical Security Monitoring, and Information Assurance. This includes significant expertise in designing collaborative communication systems for large mobile workforces in the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of Energy, and many other federal agencies.

RRDS offers services in the following areas:
• Land Mobile Radio Equipment & Services
• Network Architecture, Design & Cyber Security
• Satellite Communications
• Telecommunications
• Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
• Lifecycle Management
• Wired/Wireless/Hybrid Networks

We provide the highest quality products and expertise in IED defeat, counterintelligence, terrorism and global logistics, providing full-scale mission support options and integrated solutions to protect the personnel and internal infrastructure of our military defense and its affiliated entities.
Our services and products include:
• Electronic countermeasures
• Bomb disposal suits
• Disruption tools
• Explosive ordnance disposal
• Ground penetrating radar
• Hook and line
• Robotics
Canine Accessories
• Leather Leashes and Leads
• Tactical Nylon Leashes and Leads
• Stainless Steel Choke Chain Collars
• Leather Collars, Nylon Collars, and ID Collars
• Police or Military Canine Combat Harnesses
• Canine Ballistic Vests
• Canine Tactical Field and First Aid Kits

Veterinary Equipment
• Transport Kennels
• Veterinary Scales
• Veterinary Tables
• Veterinary Monitors

Bite Training Suits
• Bite Training Suits with Extra Padding for Maximum Protection
• Concealable Bite Training Suits
• Light Bite Training Suits for Greater Mobility

Bite Training Sleeves
• Bite Training Sleeves for Maximum Protection
• Bite Training Sleeve Covers for Additional Padding and Protection of Bite Training Sleeve
• Light Bite Training Sleeves for use with Younger Canines

• Leather Police Style Muzzles with Agitation Bar
• Lightweight and Compact Nylon Mesh Muzzles
• Military Wire Basket Muzzles
• Leather Basket Weave Muzzles

• All-weather gear and apparel
• Ballistic protection
• Cases and Containers
• Communication Systems and Accessories
• Diving Gear
• Explosive Ordinance Disposal
• Fire Resistant Clothing
• Hydration Systems
• Laser Designators and Illuminators
• Medical kits
• Scopes, Sights and Accessories
• Tactical Surveillance Devices and Vehicles
• Thermal Imagers and Night Vision
• Tools and Knives
Federal Services
• Desktops, Workstations & Thin Clients
• Laptops, Mobile Workstations & 2-in1 PC’s
• Servers, Storage and Networking
• Contracts & Compliance
• Application Transformation
• Cloud Services
• Managed Services
• Workplace Productivity
• Data Analytics
• Information Security

Data Center Efficiency
• Data Center Virtualization
• Cloud Computing
• Application Transformation
• Converged Infrastructure

• Servers
• Workstations
• Mobile Computing
• Displays
• Networking
• Storage
• Transit Case Integration
• Power Supplies

• Custom Design & Deployment
• Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
• Systems Engineering

Services & Support
• Worldwide Onsite
• Service Contracts
• Telephone Support
• Installation Services
• Upgrades and Repairs
• Advanced Replacement

RRDS provides equipment and solutions to support any marine-related missions with integrity and reliability. Our products are durable and guaranteed to withstand any harsh conditions. We offer a diverse range of tactical equipment and specialized products for the military and its associated affiliates with the very best in design and manufacturing.
RRDS offers the best medical support equipment and procurement solutions for missions taking place anywhere on the globe. Durable and reliable, we offer customized, protective products that deliver instant solutions for survival, first aid, search and rescue and tactical medical operations. RRDS redefines the industry on the medical support market with guaranteed results.
Our packages and equipment includes:
• Field Diagnostics
• Medical Kits
• Oxygen Equipment
• Training Manikins
• Water Purification Systems
No covert or tactical mission can perform without the best in class optical gear. We utilize the highest levels of technology to ensure the best procurement solutions and products in optical gear for superior performance and enhancement to any project, from land defense to homeland security. RRDS is a leader in providing training and support for the most sensitive and sophisticated optical gear solutions on the market.
Our inventory includes:
• Binoculars and range finders
• Scopes, sights, and accessories
• Thermal Imagers and Night Vision
Protect the mission and protect oneself. Those are the two crucial elements of any operation. RRDS understands the importance of both components, and works to deliver the best in personal protective equipment and body armor to withstand any elements of nature. A trusted source in quality and product solutions, we continuously work to provide the latest in protective equipment as it evolves to assist in concealment, tactical operations, flotation mechanisms and ballistics protection.
Ballistics protection is key to comfortably performing on a mission and cannot be taken lightly. Our products are designed with the lightest materials while offering complete protection to manage and maneuver under compromised circumstances. We offer a diverse set of products that are ergonomically designed in a wide range of protection levels and sizes in soft and hard armor selections.
We offer the following:
• Ballistics Protection
• Bullet Proof Helmets and Eye Protection
• Bullet Proof Vests
We provide any radar and satellite equipment needed for any operation including multiprocessors, electronic warfare and digital signal processors.
Being able to keep tactical operations running smoothly is a priority. Our inventory includes a variety of tactical communication equipment working at optimal levels which include infantry and special ops.
Most operations are covert, with the need to get the job done unheard and unseen. We provide the best in award-winning products that take any mission to the next level. RRDS offers the best in apparel and accessories to complement military entities and their affiliated partners to accomplish the desired purpose. Think higher level equipment and quality you won’t find in ordinary places – we supply the extraordinary! We design customized packages to meet your necessities. Let us know what you need and we’ll get it done!
We carry products and equipment to support:
• All-weather gear and apparel
• Cases and containers
• Climbing and Mountaineering
• Diving Gear
• Fire Resistant Clothing
• Hydration Systems
• Laser Designators and Illuminators
• Search and Rescue
• Tools and knives
We provide the best tactical surveillance equipment in threat management, large or small surveillance kits and special ops software.

RRDS has partnered with Chemring Technology Solutions to develop a specialized Electronic Warfare Manpack Directional Finding System, namely the Resolve 3rd Generation Electronic Warfare Manpack System (RESOLVE-3-SYSTEM). This system has been custom-built and designed to meet Berry Amendment requirements, while offering the highest level of technological advancements available in the realm of Directional Finding equipment.

This system offers a unique capability, coupled with proprietary specifications which are currently unmatched in the industry.

The system is presently under deployment in Peru and being used by the Peruvian Special Forces (Fuerza Especial Conjunta) under the CN> OLS mandate to provide Counter Narcotic Support to partner nations and aid the War Fighter in combating narcotics activities globally.

RRDS is the exclusive distributor for Chemring Technology Solutions on the CN> IDIQ.

For more information and product quotations, please contact us at info@rrds.com.

The RESOLVE-3-SYSTEM is the sole source for the unique set of specifications and capabilities offered by this product. Any products claiming to provide equivalent capabilities is subject to Federal Infringement proceedings.

We support and carry the best technology for any aircraft needing to have high-grade uplink satellite communications systems for surveillance and reconnaissance.
• Tactical vehicles.
• Armored vehicles.
• Customized vehicles with troop carrier upgrades.
• LHD/RHD configured with high sulfur modifications for Latin America and Middle East terrain.
• K-9 vehicle solutions.
• Global dealer network to fulfill domestic demands in remote locations.
• Fuel trailers in various capacity for aviation and diesel fuel.

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